Below are some reasons which might help you the parents and students to choose Ritman College:

Practical Work
REASON 1: Ritman College creates an enabling environment for each student to develop and deepen on his/her relationship with God, through sound instructions, songs and prayers, resulting in Christian virtues.
REASON 2: Ritman College is located in a very quiet environment and well secured to facilitate safe, pleasurable teaching and learning.
REASON 3: Ritman College is a conglomeration of highly trained and qualified graduate teachers, whose experience as examiners and markers of JSC, NECO and WAEC papers enable them to teach and coach their finalists to obtain all their papers on top grades at first sitting.
REASON 4: Ritman College is a second home for students. Students are inculcated with the value of respect, through the guidance of the school counsellor, the proprietress, the compound master and mistress.
REASON 5: At Ritman College, students learn without tears, with the continuous supplies of electricity and water, from two gigantic power generating plants, making morning and prep classes enjoyable.
REASON 6: At Ritman College, students from poor background, with academic capability are offered scholarship to enable them complete their studies.
REASON 7: At Ritman College, students are charged with very low fees, against the various services offered. Parent who make bulk payment are entitled to 5% discount.
REASON 8: At Ritman College, the meals provided are very delicious, both in quality and in quantity. This condition makes students happy and strong. Snacks are provided every school day, during long break. Many colleges are unable to do this.
REASON 9: At Ritman College, there is a well-equipped library, a well-equipped computer laboratory, spacious and well furnished class rooms, Standard science laboratories, comfortable dormitory accommodation and a well-equipped clinic.
REASON 10: At Ritman College, students are trained and exposed to extra curricular activities, like soccer, debates, quizzes and others to make them socially relevant and fit for contemporary obligations.
REASON 11: At Ritman College, the school counsellor and subject teachers in their team work provide academic counselling to their students to enable them understand themselves and their mission in life.
REASON 12: At Ritman College, past students of Ritman College and other qualified school leavers are linked to overseas admissions like the University of Hungary. Forms are available in Ritman College. Qualitative and functional education are the right s of all the Nigerian students. Ritman College is the right College. Be a part of Ritman College for a brighter future.