Courses in Ritman CollegeRitman College offers courses specified by the current National Policy on Education (NPE), which coincides with the system.

Ritman Nursery/Primary School Ikot Ekpene is expected to give the greatest percentage of pupil to the sister college, which operates a two tier secondary system. The junior department which lasts for three years is called the Junior Secondary School (JSS). And the senior department which also lasts for three years is called the Senior Secondary School (SSS).

Following the provisions of NPE on the curriculum, the college offers a comprehensive range of courses for both the junior and senior secondary. These courses could be classified as the basic subjects which include, English Language and Mathematics, Pure Sciences, Social Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Languages, Arts, Physical and Health Education, Technical courses, Christian Religious Knowledge, Computer Sciences, Short Hand, Typewriting and Pre-vocational subjects.

This means that Ritman College offers what used to be known as grammar and commercial subjects. But the college has gone a step further by matching theories with practical.

Its science laboratories, computer workshop, college farm and library are the equipment and facilities on ground to translate the curricular programmes into an appreciable and tangible form, which is the need of our time.

Junior Secondary School subjects

  1. Compulsory Subjects
    English Language (Eng. Lang. & Literature)
    Integrated Science (Bio, Chem, Phy, etc)
    Social Studies
  2. Electives
    Christian Religious Knowledge
    French, Efik, Ibibio
    Health and Physical Education
  3. Pre-Vocational Subjects
    Business Studies
    Shorthand and Typewriting
    Computer Science
    Agricultural Science
    Home Economics
    Fine Arts or Music
    Introductory Technology.

Senior Secondary School subjects

  1. Compulsory Subjects
    English Language
    One of Physics or Chemistry or Biology
    Either of Literature in English or Geography
    Agricultural Science or one vocational subject
  2. Electives
    Students would be guided to offer three subjects not already offered as compulsory subjects.

    Literature in English
    Further MathematicsPhysics
    Computer Science
    Commerce or Accounting
    Christian Religious Knowledge
    Physical and Health Education
    Efik, Ibibio
  3. Vocational Subjects
    Home Economics
    Food and Nutrition/Home Management
    Clothing and Textile
    Agricultural Science
    Technical Drawing
    Fine Art or Music