Ritman College Scholarship AwardRitman College, an international institution has joined the Federal, State and Local Governments to offer academic merit scholarship to students who demonstrate excellent academic performances in internal and external examinations. The Scholarship scheme is to identify brilliant students and encourage them for hard work and completion of their secondary education with flying colours. There are four Categories of the Scholarship Awards available in the College.

Category A:

Excellence in Entrance Exams: Candidates who obtain the overall best results, scoring distinction in Ritman College Entrance Examinations are automatically offered scholarship. The scholarship is made every year to the best three students.

Category B:

Excellence in Sessional Exams: Students of JSS 1, JSS 2, JSS 3, SS 1 and SS 2 who demonstrate intellectual vibrancy to top the class test, continuous assessment and exams are qualified. Only the best three overall students in the promotion exams results per class listed above are granted scholarship.

Category C:

Excellence in Junior NECO/AKS Exams: JSS 3 Students who obtain A's in English Studies and Mathematics and many other subjects are seen as contributing to the overall JSS results of the college. By their excellent performances in the Junior NECO and Akwa Ibom State Certificate Exams, they qualify for full Scholarship to last from their SS 1, SS 2 to SS 3.

Category D:

Students who come from the immediate community (catchment area) where the college is situated are eligible for scholarship award, provided that they do very well in their academic work. Only the best three who excel in exams, scoring distinction in their subjects, including English and Mathematics are awarded this category of scholarship.

Students are not required to apply for the Scholarships as they are awarded based strictly on academic performance and all students are eligible.

Friends of Ritman College and all lovers of academic excellence in Government and the organized private sector are called upon to come to Ritman College and establish scholarship endowment schemes. Families and professional Associations are not left out.