Ritman College is a unique modern, international, co-educational post primary institution dedicated to building the strategic bridge between present dreams and future realities. Located in a well-tarred, accessible and serene environment, the college offers both boarding and non-boarding options and the students are trained to be morally sound, imaginative and creative, inculcating in them the passion to constantly seek knowledge that addresses practical issues of development.

Ritman College was conceived to make an outstanding difference in the Nigerian post-primary school system by fostering a culture of academic excellence nurtured by landmark investments in quality and linkages with its immediate and global environments.

If you are contemplating the best type of training in education or insist on excellence and quality, then Ritman College is the WISE CHOICE!


Ritman College Ikot Ekpene, a co-educational institution, established in 2003, is a citadel of learning of international standard. Our philosophy and culture are focused on all-round development of the young people whose destinies are entrusted in our hands. From the perspective standards, Ritman College has stood out as the right college for parents, guardians and students.

Ritman College, is rich in highly qualified staff and modern facilities to cause the desirable changes on a sustainable basis. With our mandatory boarding policy, students are enjoying comfortable dormitory accommodation. Staff quarters are provided in the college situated in a serene environment.

Ritman College is a suitable place for learning as our students study in well-furnished classrooms.

To make learning practical and real, we have put in place an up-to-date library, together with standard and modern science laboratories. The college has an inventory of adequate recreational facilities. There are two giant power generating plants that supply electricity and a borehole that supplies water on a 24-hour basis. The College has also put in place a broadband internet facility, a well-equipped computer laboratory, compugraphy centre and a well-equipped college clinic. Conscious of children's growth and health needs, the College provides them with balanced meals in sufficient quantity at the college dining hall. Driven by passion for new standards in academics and sports, Ritman College has been hunting for talented students and awarding scholarships in that regard. It may also interest you to know that apart from educating and preparing students for their certificate examinations, Ritman College, through a mutual relationship with overseas universities has been assisting her students to gain university admission overseas. With the above credentials and services, Ritman College stands out among her contemporaries as the best college every parent and child should embrace.

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