Faith and worship are related. What one believes-in guides him/her in worship and service? In Ritman College, we believe in the existence of the Almighty God, the Alpha and Omega, God the Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent.

Every school day begins with quiet time. Students are encouraged to study the Word of God, meditate and pray through the use of notes such as 'Daily Power', 'Daily Bread', 'Manna from Above' etc.

Between 7.30am - 8.00am both the staff and students gather at the College assembly ground for morning devotion. In every school term, teachers are appointed to conduct devotion through a roster.

Morning devotion at Ritman College is always period of great joy. Both staff and students sing morning choruses to praise the Lord. Staff on duty renders brief words of exhortation, followed with prayers, the singing of the National and College Anthems and affirmation of the National and College Pledges.

Prayers of thanksgiving are also offered to God by the students before they enjoy their snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On Fridays, the College morning devotion moves from the assembly ground to the College or Conference Hall. The Friday morning devotion is conducted by Senator Emmanuel Ibok Essien, the Chairman of Ritman College, or his representatives.

In fact, the worship on Friday mornings is moments of rapture. The preacher, Emmanuel Essien inspires his congregation through his life testimonies, sound biblical teachings, and soul-touching sermons. Senator Emmanuel Essien ends up every homily by saying Thy Kingdom come oh Lord and if thou tarry to come, keep us from falling from the faith. On Sundays, the boarders wake up very early for quiet time and corporate prayers in the dormitories.

In the midst of freedom of worship, students are granted respective church denominations.

In Ritman College, there are protestant and catholic believers. We have students who are members of the New Apostolic Church. The Apostolic Church, Mount Zion Lighthouse, Methodist Church, Quo Iboe Church, Anglican Church, Deeper Life Bible Church and Redeemed Church, Living Faith Church, Baptist Church, the Lutheran Church and so on.

Ritman College places the worship of God as priority. Our believe is that we draw our strength and inspiration from the fountain of Life. He alone is the source of our intellect, knowledge and wisdom. He is the Lord who grants us success in sports, literary competitions and in examinations.

According to the College blueprints, the objectives of Ritman College are to raise a generation of knowledgeable leaders in truth and in sound moral values.