The Value of Food to Man
By Munonye Kelvin (Refectory Prefect)

Ritman College CampusFood is sine qua non to the body system of human beings, just as prayers are vital for spiritual growth and development. Without food, we cannot derive the required energy to discharge the myriad of daily task. Food performs the function fuel does to a vehicle. Indeed, it is that fuel that propels the locomotion of human beings.

Without food for several days, you would emaciate, become weak and exhibit the deficiency of various chemical compounds, which the body demands for its metabolic processes.

Food science stresses the importance of food for infant learners in the school system.

Boarding students, like Ritman College students count on balanced diet. At Ritman College, the menu is simply a classification of the classes of food substances, combined in the right proportion. These classes of food considered essential for Ritman College are protein, carbohydrates, fats, oils, vitamins, mineral salts, roughage and water.

The management and catering department of Ritman College has given serious attention to feeding. It is therefore the resolved policy of the College to ensure that quality food is prepared and served in order to make students feel at home.

Food menu in our college is very rich. On school days, meals are prepared under high hygienic condition. Food served in the college is made up of all the compounds required by the body.

At special occasions, such as birthday parties, graduation ceremonies and inter-house sport competitions, it is a custom of Ritman College to make her students feel good by providing special meals.

All the meals are prepared by the catering staff in the college. Our food is tested by the experts and covered in plates. At each meal times the students stay quietly in their class basis, under the care of their table heads, compound master and compound mistress with teachers on duty and the dining hall prefects.

Students with various problems related to food are well taken care of. The college has provided for their alternative food. This makes Ritman College unique. Meals times in Ritman College are time of fellowship and thanksgiving to God, our parent and the management of Ritman College. The good food provided in the College has gone a long way in producing healthy and strong students, readily to produce outstanding results. Balanced diet contributes to learning. This is why Ritman College is spending much in other to make us grow well as promising persons. Thanks to Ritman first class catering service. Make the right choice by coming to stay in Ritman College and enjoy a balanced diet.