Ritman College LibraryRitman College believes that the real assimilation of the theories of the various courses taught in class is through a well coordinated programme of extra-curricular activities. In order to achieve this objective, the College has established the following eight clubs and societies: Literary, Debating and Dramatic Society, Junior Engineers, Technicians and Scientists (JETS) Club, Scripture Union, Music Club, Home Makers Club, French Club and Arts Club. These clubs and societies are basically formed to relate with the subjects offered in Ritman College.

Literary, Debating and Dramatic Society connects Languages such as English, Efik/Ibibio and Literature-in-English. Programmes of the society will help students to become great writers of novels, poems, drama, eloquent speakers in the public and skilful actors and actresses in the literary circle, the music and film industry. The great writers, lawyers and comedians of our time trace their stardom to their church choirs and schools clubs. Diligent club members of Ritman College are sure to gain like others.

JETS Club is the training ground for future engineers, technicians and scientists. The subjects covered in the club are Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Introductory Technology, Computer Science, Integrated Science, Technical Drawing etc. JETS provides an avenue for students with extraordinary abilities in Mathematics, science and technical subjects to think, concentrate and construct simple tools. Science and technical staff are expected to choose projects and guide their students in preparation for the regular inter-school JETS competition. Through exciting and enriching activities, Ritman College can groom her future Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, William Caxton, Oliver Wright, Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Archimedes etc.

Press Club is a club that seeks to introduce students for career in Mass Communication, namely broadcasting in the radio and television. It also prepares students for the career in journalism. Related subjects are English Language, Literature-in-English, Geography, History, Christian Religious Knowledge, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Government and Mathematics.
Through staff guidance, members of the Press Club are expected to listen to current news in the radio and television and to read Newspapers and News magazines in order to broadcast their news to the College Assembly. They are also duty bound to write original poems, news items, biographies and interesting events in the College and paste them on the notice board for both staff and students to read. By doing, Press Club could contribute to educate, inform and amuse Ritman College.

Scripture union is indispensable in any school. It is a fellowship of young people from different denominations who break church boundaries and doctrines to gather at the feet of Christ to search the scriptures together. Members of the Scripture Union should be born-again students whose lives are transparently holy and exemplary. They should be those who keep the school rules and regulations and excel in tests, exams and in extra curricular activities. Christian Religious Knowledge is the school subject related to Scripture Union. Students who register in the Scripture Union are exposed to witnessing, soul winning, prayers, bible study and songs. Over the years, the Scripture Union of many colleges has produced pastors, reverend ministers, evangelists, missionaries and teachers.

Music Club is based on music taught in college. The club seeks to haunt for potential singers and musicians in the college and to encourage them develop their various musical talents. Club patrons are expected to plan programmes that will enable their club members to master tonic sulfa of songs, playing of various musical instruments and musical performances for public entertainment. The club is also expected to form and operate the college choir.

Every boy or girl looks forward to having a home of his or her own. It is generally said that East or West, home is the best. Therefore, a man or woman should have a good and comfortable home. The Home Makers Club shows members how they will make their home. School subjects related to the club are Home Economics and Food and Nutrition. Members of the club are expected to master the theories and practice of house arrangement, interior decorations, care of the surrounding of the home, classes of food, how to cook and feed the home, care of the family, motherhood, fatherhood, family budget and so on.

French and English are the two leading foreign languages in West Africa, affecting education, travels, economic transactions and diplomatic relations. The French Club is established to motivate students in the learning and speaking of French. Through excursions to francophone regions, and participation in francophone activities, the learning of French will come alive in the lives of French students.

God is both artistic and scientific. The Arts Club of Ritman College seeks to identify students with artistic capabilities and to groom them for higher services. The school subject having bearing with the Arts Club is Fine Art, with the rich programme, covering still life, imaginative composition, advertisement and designs, painting, drawing from nature and abstract arts. Members of Art Club are bound to enjoy and develop their interest and preoccupation in the world of art.

In this school year, all the clubs are functional, with their programmes lined up.